Phytotoxicity Testing with Higher Plants

Spirodela Duckweed Toxicity Tests


duckweed Toxicity Test TK63 largeThe SPIRODELA DUCKWEED TOXKIT contains all materials needed to preform 2 growth inhibition tests on Spirodela polyrhiza.  Tests are preformed in 48 well microplates for a total of 5 test concentrations in 8 replicates.

The kit contains tubes with "turions" (vegetative buds) which can be stored and germinated on demand.  No need for cultures.




Please review the step-by-step presentation on the SPIRODELA DUCKWEED growth inhibition test Procedure:

Duckweed Toxicity Test Presentation

duckweed ToxicityTesting Kit Presentation

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Comparison Data of MicroBioTests

comparison Data MicroBiotests

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Duckweed Toxicity Test Protocol

duckweed ToxicityTest TK63

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Test criterion

  • The Spirodela duckweed Toxkit is a 72 hour growth inhibition of the "first frond" after a 3 day exposure.  Growth is determined by measurement of the area of the first frond at T=0 and T=72.


  • Turions of high quality are produced 
    in strictly controlled conditions.
  • High uniform quality of the growth and dilution media is acheived by dilutions in deionized water and Steinberg medium.
  • Standard test containers constructed of biological inert materials ensure uniform exposure conditions.
  • Quality Control Test with a reference chemical is described in detail allowing for accuracy and reproducibility.


  • The dromat "turions" can be germinated "on-demand", eliminating the need and the costs of continuous culturing and maintenance of stocks of test organisms.
  • Minimal equipment required (laboratory incubator or temperature controlled room with illumination and conventional laboratory glassware).
  • Shelf life of the turions is guaranteed for several months when stored correctly.


  • Tubes with dormant turions, concentrated growth and dilution media, germination/test containers.
  • Detailed Standard Operational Procedures, abbreviated Bench Protocol and Data treatment sheets.
  • Specification sheets with batch numbers and 72 hour EC50 values for Quality Control Tests on the reference chemical (Potassium Chloride KCL).


  • Simple handlings and scorings.
  • Total performance time of the assay approximately 3 hours.
  • Area measurements of the first fronds are made on a photo of the multiwell test container, without any prior manipulation of the test organisms.
  • Excel program for easy data treatment and calculations of the 72 hour EC50 can be obtained easily.


  • Comparable to the sensitivity of the Lemna duckweed species used in conventional duckweed assays.


  • Duckweed assays are used in many laboratories globally for toxicity screening.
  • The precision of the standardized Spirodela duckweed microbiotest has been determined in an extensive "International Interlaboratory Comparison" with participation of more than 50 laboratories from 20 countries.