Aliivibrio fischeri Toxicity Tests (formally Vibrio Fischeri)

BioTox™ WaterTox™ Standard Kit


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Product No: 1243-1000


This kit is packaged to provide users with a complete setup that replaces traditional Vibrio fischeri acute toxicity tests (Microtox® users). All required reagents and solutions are included with the kit to permit facile adoption using current detectors like the M500.


1.   1243-1005 - Freeze dried Aliivibrio fischeri reagent vials x 10 (each vial can accommodate 100 toxicity determinations)

2.   1243-1010 - 1 bottle of reagent diluent (12 mL) which is sufficient to reconstitute all reagent vials for use

3.   1243-1015 - 1 bottle of Osmotic Adjustment Solution (OAS) 20 mL

4.   1243-1020 - 2 bottle of sample diluent 150 mL.

This method is based on ISO 11348-3: Water quality – Determination of the inhibitory effect of water samples on the light emission of Aliivibrio fischeri (formally Vibrio Fischeri) (luminescent bacteria test). The assay works very well for clear water samples and is the most widely used method internationally. Toxicity is measured by preparing a dilution series and determining differences in light output after incubations of 5 to 30 minutes using a luminometer. EC50’s are calculated based on the amount of inhibition for different concentrations manually or by using provided computer software programs. Any approved luminometer in the ISO standard can be employed to read the light emission which can save on cost for the system and portable models can take assessments from the lab into the field. 

The main advantages to this method are:waterTox Vibrio Fischeri ISO 11348 3 Water Quality Testing kit

  • Widely used and popular. Many laboratories have the technology to conduct the assay already
  • Results can be acquired rapidly (5-30 minutes) according to published international standards
  • Luminometer can be benchtop or portable model.
  • Low overall cost per sample compared to other bioassays