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There is an increasing awareness that environmental contaminants cannot be determined by just employing conventional chemical analysis.  Increased interest in biological testing is growing rapidly and are being gradually incorporated in environmental legislation in many countries.  Toxicity test responses reflect mixture effects of  pollutants present in the sample. The results hence are an effective integration of the toxicity of all the individual toxic substances present in the tested samples, which many of these are unlikely to be detected by conventional analytical techniques.

The culture/maintenance independent small-scale tests were given the generic name TOXKITS to emphasize their availability in handy robust kits containing all the materials needed for rapid and user-friendly performance of the assays.


MicroBioTests line of Toxkits are as follows.



Toxicity Tests with Ciliate Protozoans

TK11 - Chronic PROTOXKIT F with Tetrahymena thermophila (freshwater tests - 6 tests per kit)


Toxicity Tests with Rotifers

TK21 - Acute ROTOKIT F with Brachionus calyciflorus (freshwater tests - 6 tests per kit)rotifer RotoxkitF ToxicityTest

TK22 - Acute ROTOKIT M with Brachionus plicatilits (estuarine/marine test - 6 tests per kit)

TK23 - Short-chronic ROTOXKIT F Brachionus calyciflorus (freshwater - 3 tests per kit)


artemia ToxicityTest

Toxicity Tests with Crustaceans

TK31 - THAMNOTOXKIT F with Thamnocephalus platyurus (freshwater tests - 6 tests per kit)

TK32 - ARTOXKIT M with Artemia franciscana (estuarine/marine tests - 6 tests per kit)

TK33 - DAPHTOXKIT F magna with Daphnia magna (freshwater - 6 tests per kit)

TK35 - Acute CERIODAPHTOXKIT F with Ceriodaphnia dubia (freshwater - 6 tests per kit)daphnia ToxicityTest

TK36 - OSTRACODTOXKIT F with Heterocypris incongruens (freshwater sediment 3-5 tests per kit)

TK37 - RAPIDTOXKIT with Thamnocephalus platyurus (freshwater tests - up to 45 tests per kit)


freshWater Marine ToxicityTests

Toxicity Tests with Micro-Algae

TK41 - ALGALTOXKIT F with Selenastrum capricornutum (freshwater tests - 2 tests per kit)

TK42 - Marine ALGALTOXKIT with Phaeodactylum tricornutum (estuarine/marine tests - 2 tests per kit)


phototest Toxicity TestKit TK62

Toxicity Tests with Higher Plants

TK61 - PHYTOTOXKIT with seeds of 3 higher plants (1 monocotyl & 2 dicotyls)

TK62 - PHYTOTESTKIT with seeds of 3 higher plates (1 monocotyl & 2 dicotyls)

TK63 - SPIRODELA DUCKWEED TOXKIT with Spirodela polyrhiza (2 tests per kit)