Sample Submission


Sample Submission

The next step to running your analysis is filling out a Chain of Custody Form for the type of analysis you want our lab to run. Critical information is shown below in the example and includes your contact information and quotation number. As well ensure to indicate if you would like the analysis to be rushed which we can do for a small fee. Indicate the type of analysis, number of samples, sample ID, dilutions, replicates, time and date of sampling (if possible) and any comments you have for what we should know about the sample. Save the COC as a pdf file and e-mail it to our service department. A representative will review the COC and respond to you immediately to move ahead with the analysis and provide an estimated completion date based on your specifications. If you do not already have a quote prepared for your analysis one will be prepared and sent to you at this stage for confirmation before sending us the sample.

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Sample collection and Shipment.

Ensure that your sample is collected and stored under the appropriate conditions. We generally recommend amber glass containers with Teflon lids to prevent adsorption of lipophilic contaminants to the walls of the container. Samples should be stored immediately in a refrigerator at 4 °C and tested as soon as possible after collection. When shipping us your samples try to ensure that they are shipped cool with an accompanying ice pack or other means of maintaining a low temperature. For further details, refer to our sampling protocols or the CCME protocols manual.

Download Sampling Protocols

Download CCME Protocols



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Assay Identification

EBPI offers a large array of biological and chemical analysis.

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Sample Submission

EBPI chain of custody forms (COC) ensure our clients samples arrive safely and are tracked upon arrival.

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EBPI Reports

Once analysis are completed on clients samples, a full EBPI report is forwarded.

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